BDD AVOCATS’ fees are generally set according to the time spent on a case and the area of ​​expertise involved.

They can also in certain cases be the subject of a flat rate fixed by mutual agreement.

We try as far as possible to communicate an estimated volume of costs and fees, by experience and by assessment of the time devoted to a type of file.

We apply a fixed hourly rate that varies according to the number and quality of the speakers.

Depending on the nature of the file, we can agree on a determinable result fee according to freely set objectives.

The approximate amount of the fees is therefore fixed, whenever possible, by striving to find an adequacy between the cost of a file, and the interest that it can provide to our clients.

Billings by time spent are justified by a statement of diligence as well as the costs and disbursements incurred.

A fee agreement is established when the file is opened.